Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:37 am
So, I have been diagnosed with diabetes.

I have a family history and I am obese, so I understand.

I am starting this mostly to keep a record of my questions, as my doctor pretty much just told me, told me I would have to change my whole lifestyle, and gave me a reference to a diabetes educator.

So the confusing thing is that my fasting blood sugar (165) was higher than my "after meal" blood sugar (140). In fact, 140 is in the normal range, although on the very high end. My H1ac is 5, which seems to indicate controlled diabetes?

The other thing is (and I am worried about the educator believing me because I am fat) that most of the time I do eat a diabetes friendly diet. I could definitely work on what I eat when I am busy, and eat less pasta but I love and eat regularly all the foods they list. So I think my goals would be: a) less wine-- maybe cut down to once per week b) pack my meals, and c) eat breakfast (oatmeal or yogurt? I feel I need more protein). But I eat fast food maybe once every 2 months and hardly every eat sweets-- only at a catered event or party. I drink latte's as a treat, which I can give up.

I am also interested in the role of fats in diabetes- everything says to cut fat, but I am don't see a lot of back-up for it. I use olive oil a lot, real butter in cooking, and usually eat full fat versions of things like creamer, cheese, etc. I eat low-fat (but not lite) yogurt and cottage cheese. My feeling has always been that it is weird to take fat from food that is basically fat-- non-fat creamer-- what is it???. Also they taste gross.

My mom was also diagnosed in October, but her numbers were over 1000. My uncle was diagnosed within the last few years, and my grandmother was diagnosed when she went into a coma. None of these people went to doctors, so I am wondering if they would have been diagnosed much younger if they visited the doctor. My mother, in particular, when she was my age, I remember being very, very exhausted. I was starting to feel the same way, and just was thinking that we were a low energy family (also I am the only member of my family treating my mental health issues.) I don't know.

My doctor seems to think I can "reverse" the diabetes. I don't know what that means....



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